Samsung Galaxy S6 Active goes official with AT&T contract price of $199

Galaxy S6-2

Samsung Galaxy S6 Active goes official with AT&T as the company officially announced the new sibling of recently launched Samsung Galaxy S6 which is in huge demand globally. The device will be soon available as the smartphone is due for the release in the second week of June. After the release it is going to be available for the price tag of $695 in USA and for £615 in UK (approximate price).

The device comprises of many new and extraordinary features that one never heard before and are going to be the reason one have a look at least at this new inclusion to the Samsung’s “Galaxy S” series. It sports a 5.1 – inch Super AMOLED display having the 2560 x 1440 pixels of resolutions with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection with TouchWiz galaxy s6 active at&t with $199 at contract

The protection doesn’t stops here as the extra ordinary features a few of which are yet unheard comes into existence now. As the device is featuring the Finger Print scanner certified by PayPal with IP68 certified water resistance feature which provides the resistance to 1.5 meter of water for 30 minutes not only this but the Samsung Pay (in context to Apply Pay and Android Pay) certified by Visa and MasterCard is added up to the features of this new smartphone.


Here comes the unheard feature which is humidity, transport, vibrations, rain, salt, thermal shocks, dust and solar radiations resistant and all these features are certified by MIL – STD – 810G. It is powered with and Octa – core Exynos 7420 processor (Quad Cortex A53 and Quad Cortex A57 processor) and there is 32 GB of internal memory that can’t be further expandable as there is no card slot in this new device.

It is also featuring the 16 MP of rear facing main camera with LED Flash and a 5 MP of front facing snapper camera. The device is packed with 3500 mAh Li – Ion non removable battery that can be used for 23 hours over talk time.

The smartphone will be available at a price range of $695 and £615 in USA and UK respectively without contract whereas it is going to be available at $199 on regular 2 year contract with AT&T. And the device is going to be launched on 12th June.

After the apology for the squat in accumulation prices from the HTC’s Chair Woman Cher Wang to their stakeholders for the company’s monotonous recital, HTC is very keen to introduce the HTC One M9 Windows based flagship smartphone by the release of Microsoft Windows 10.

At Computex 2015 event that was recently organised tech experts and the spectators around found the strong case that HTC may launch the new flagship device in US market. Last year company launched the One M8 Windows version for US smartphone market and now the latest sibling of M8 is going to be launched very one m9 windows coming soon to usa

The specifications of this new flagship device ports the 5 – inch Super LCD3 display with 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolutions with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection and HTC Sense v7.0 UI which latest one from HTC.

Galaxy S6

In addition to this it is powered with the 64 – bit Octa core Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 processor with Adreno 430 GPU and is coming with Microsoft Windows 10 OS out of the box. It is featuring the 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB of in – built memory that can be expandable up to 128 GB.

The device sports the 20 MP of rear facing camera with dual tone dual LED Flash and a 4 MP snapper in the front. It is powered by a non removable 2840 mAh Li – Po battery that drives the device for 402 hours on standby and 22 hours over talk time.

Complete with the much needed WiFi, Bluetooth v4.1, USB v2.0, NFC, etc features and accelerometer, proximity, compass and gyro sensors the device is expected to be released nearby or with the Microsoft Windows 10 launch on 29th July, 2015 with an expected price of 700$.

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Asus Zenfone 5 Review : A worthy mid-range all-rounder

Asus, known for its laptops and motherboards, finally entered the Indian smartphone market with its Zenfone range of devices. Posted at CES this year, the USP of these devices is to provide excellent quality and performance at an affordable price. Wide range of devices launched in India range includes Zenfone 4, 5 and 6 Zenfone. We have to spend with Zenfone 5 to the under $200 is all set to compete in a highly competitive market segment and at the time, what we think of the phone.

The smart phone is well built and feels quite sturdy when you hold it. The front is built using glass and metal, and is dominated by 5-inch screen. Below the screen is the company’s brand concentric circle strip that adds character to the otherwise bland design. However, if the nails scraping against the board idea makes you cringe, we will advise you from the claws of the metal strip.asus zenfone 5 review

Asus Zenfone 5 supports a 5.0-inch screen with 1280 × 720 resolution, along with 294 ppi. It is powered by QUAD-core 1.2 GHz Cortex – A7 Qualcomm MSM8926 Snapdragon 400 processor powered by Android Kit Kat (upgradable to Android v5.0.2 – Lollipop). This smartphone comes in two variants of RAM – 1GB of RAM and 2GB of RAM. It also comes with the ability to choose between 8GB, 16GB or 32GB of inbuilt storage, and can be further expanded up to 64GB using a microSD card.

2-megapixel front camera, but disappointing and is only good enough for video chatting. SELFIE lovers will have to make do with the primary camera. Given its price, the camera is pretty good and the phone, we recommend that if the photograph is your requirements.asus zenfone 5 specifications


On the photography front, Asus has included 8-megapixel rear camera, supplemented with 2-megapixel front-facing camera. Rear camera comes with LED flash, as well as to software-based image stabilization. Asus also crammed with which the camera mode, for example, time back, HDR panorama, dark, depth of field, GIF animation and clever Remove among a host of others. Model is that we tested was running pretty smoothly and there was no unnecessary space.

Overall performance of the primary camera is quite good, especially under ideal lighting conditions. It managed to capture the details and many photos were sharp. In low light, but there was a lot of noise and so spent details. The camera interface is fairly intuitive, as it recommends that when you need to switch to low-light mode, and there is a big difference after the switch. However, the final results leave much to be desired. Different modes work well too and not gizmo. The camera also supports video recording at 1080p and again quite good in ideal lighting conditions.asus zenfone 5 price


One thing that disappointed us was the battery. Although the device is powered by 2,110mAh battery, it was not enough to take us on the day. For heavy-duty use – involved the use of the phone, while on roaming, push notifications from two e-mail accounts, Facebook and Twitter, about half an hour to play Riptide and another half hour of calling and messaging – the battery can last for just five hours .

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3 Of The Best Headphones For 2013

It’s no secret that keeping up with the latest in technology and gadgets can be a struggle for a lot of us, sometimes it is hard to make a choice when shopping for something that you want, especially if there are a lot of cool things to choose from. Endless features can make it very hard to make a choice but it’s important that you weed out what you really need and what are just extra’s designed to get you to part with your hard earned money!

Having a good set of headphones is definitely important as you want the best quality sound and durability. Opinions differ and it not always wise to try something just because your friend tells you to, you have to make a clear cut decision which consists of a variety of information available to you.

The first thing to consider is price, what can you afford? Set a budget, and then set about finding something that has all your requirements and a guarantee of durability that fits into that budget.

Typically headphones can have either closed-back ear cups or open. With open earcups, waves are allowed to escape, for a sound stage that is more natural. Closed back models are generally recommended; though more bassy, they are much better at capturing the sound. If you need a set of headphones to use with your mobile devices buy one that has an impedance score of 16 up to 64 ohms. If you don’t get one with that impedance level the response will give of a very thin sound and you will most likely have to use an amplifier to boost the signal strength.

The following is a comparison of a few of the best headphones for 2013 which includes the Sennheiser Momentum Headphones, Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones and the Sony MDRDS6500 Digital Surround Headphones.


Monster DNA On-Ear Headphones consist of: Dual Audio Ports Customizable Look and Advanced Noise Isolation headphone that is very affordable and durable. Its comes in a variety of colors which includes black, cobalt blue and light gray, white with gray and white with teal. It comes with Pillow-Soft Noise Isolation which are basically cushions that allow you to be comfortable for hours, keeping noise out and stopping your music from disturbing others.

When purchased they come with:

  • DNA On-Ear folding headphones
  • ControlTalk Apple cable
  • 3.5 mm Mini-to-mini
  • Two tangle free cables
  • Stylish pouchfor travel
  • Cleaning cloth

Sony MDRDS6500 Digital Surround Headphones takes wireless and powerful sound to a higher level. Enjoy the wonderful range it provides when watching videos which allows a smooth and clear interpretation of sound. Enjoy 20 hours of long battery life for an all-in-one sound system. Wireless emancipation, 7.1 surround sound, and 20 hours of battery life for an all in one sound system. The DS6500 headphones also have the capability that allows you to walk 328 feet away from the transmitter, any direction you want and still enjoy premium quality sound.

They come with:

  • Warranty Card
  • MDR-DS6500 headphones
  • AC Power Supply 6V
  • Operating Instructions
  • Connection Guide
  • Optical Connecting Cable


sennheiser-momentumSennheiser Momentum Headphones consist of: Closed back, over-ear design which isolates ambient noise to give the greatest musical enjoyment. Leather ear pads and headband which are very soft and breathable for the greatest comfort when listening for a long period of time. Precision ear cups and slider to ensure durability and enhanced performance. 18-ohm impedance gives outstanding dynamics and output level with portable audio gadgets. Hard carry case, standard and “i” cables, and 1/4″ stereo adapter included.


They come with:

  • Hard carrying case for maximum portability
  • Rich and detailed stereo sound
  • Breathable leather headband for optimum perspiration and water resistance
  • Metal earcup slider for custom fit and maximum durability
  • Soft and supple ear pads made from the finest leather for excellent wearing comfort
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Is It Time for any Corporate Cell Phone Plans Assessment

The above suggestion on how to cease a contract without paying a penalty most likely are not a recognized appropriate way of doing the end of contract, but this may not be unlawful. Whatever the motivation from the subscriber with regard to looking for modifications on the deal done by the corporation without the content, breach of agreement as a viola tion is as logical as any additional ground for early cancelling of contract.


The type of emission coming out of an invisible phone is called non-ionizing. It is not like an X-ray, however more like an extremely low-powered microwave oven. For most simplistic terms, what micro wave radiation does indeed is similar to how are you affected to food items in microwaves. One scientist, Black, declared it just primarily cooks the brain as in micro-wave cooking, yet slower. Thus, in addition to these kind of waves ultimately causing a development of cancer along with tumors, there will probably be a whole host of different effects like cognitive ram function, as the memory temporary lobes are in which we keep our cell phones.”

Perhaps you are a more mature individual who has a hearing aid but has never were built with a cell phone. You might think that cell phones are not required, and since it could be more difficult make use of with your products, why bother. Cell phones really can be quite a great benefit to your account. If you have a fall or some other kind of accident, a phone could save your life. Also using it mainly for text messaging could be a big benefit in emergency situations. Perhaps you still find it to be a break-in of your privacy. There is no rule that you have to remedy every get in touch with just as you cannot at home, that serves to consider getting one particular simply for emergencies.

When the Navigation tracking is actually added to the actual phone, the battery lifetime of the phone diminishes by regarding 50-75%. What this means is that the GPS phone is not going to last a full work day with out requiring a minumum of one re-charge. This is simply an additional excuse anybody carrying the actual phone can use if he/she does not desire to be tracked.

Very poor signal wedding reception is indeed a serious problem for many individuals and corporations. There are many answers to this problem, even so the installation of transmission boosters is the greatest one. If you wish to have a good indicate reception, next get yourself a transmission booster these days.


Cellular vendors all over the globe, which includes carriers based in the US and North america, rely on GSM engineering for their systems. GSM phones come with a slot machine for a SIM card. When jailbroke, you can change the carrier provided Sim to allow you to makes use of the phone on yet another GSM network. Unleashing the phone has several benefits. You don’t have to buy a whole new phone and can get your data along with you. It is useful when you vacation and swap between insurers as you can utilize same phone, rather then multiple phones along with accessories. You may also be able to save money through your company of choice instead of the manufacturer’s.

For that company, low-cost cell phone plans helps that to reduce their share of older handsets. To the customer, a low priced cell phone plan helps him or her to own a high level phone at a genuinely attractive charge. Besides, these kinds of plans usually come with a lot of attributes that would usually have been high priced. These include totally free SMS, totally free internet browsing on for a given volume, lowered call data plans, free packages, extended warranty around the handset and many other advantages. Some firms even offer free outbound calls to a particular number of precisely the same service provider. Most commonly encountered people find these offers to excellent to resist as well as subscribe to a cheap mobile phone plan.

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How to Choose a Best Smartphone in Budget

Are you thinking about How to Choose a Best Smartphone? The reason might be; it is necessary for you and just now or as soon as possible. Perhaps, it is the first smartphone for you or you are thinking of new and latest one, or you might be dropped your last phone in the commode of your toilet. There are so many options to choose a smartphone and we are guiding you to choose a smartphone that could be helpful for you.

How to find best smartphone


Top Five Tips to choose a Best Smartphone:
We are providing some very important tips for you. When you are going to buy a new smartphone, these tips might help you to choose a device that you truly need.

1. Figure out your needs:

You should figure out and write down the matters that prefer for you most. Such as, a smartphone with a small screen or big screen, need a physical keyboard or BB messenger, an awesome camera in the phone or exchange support. Your needs and decision will affect on everything that you expect.

2. Select an operating system:

There are four main operating systems for the present smartphone and that’s are Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows phone. Here is brief description about the operating systems:

Android: this open-source-operating-system is developed be Google and runs on the most of the smartphones. It is filled with huge quantities of apps by Google Services on ‘Google Play Stores’. Global brands of mobile manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC use the operating system and sometimes modify the functionality and design for the open source issue.

BlackBerry: if you are passionate on BBM and like physical keyboards with a small screen, then BlackBerry might be the ideal smartphone for you. It is developed by Research in Motion, a Canadian company at the revolution period of the smartphone. The hardware of BlackBerry is slower than android.

iOS: it is only running in iPhone and recently Apple has planned to set it for their other device. It is about five years that the iPhone is leading with its standard upon all other phones. The iPhone might be a better option for you which do not permit for a lot of geeky tinkering like Android.

Windows Phone: it is a new kind of OS that uses new type Zune MP3 edge and interface with live titles and half widget and half app icon. It appears in your home page with graphics or moving information.

3. Choose the best network serving device:

Network coverage of a Samsung mobile phone, not only depends on the place where you live, but also which brand of mobile you use. You should select top brand like Samsung Galaxy series, iPhone of Apple or Microsoft mobile devices and you can ask your friends, co-workers or neighbors for the best one.

4. Features on your phone:

You might prefer for your smartphone that should be; a nice screen, Dual-core processor, 3G/4G LTE, up-to-date operating system, good camera, long battery life, micro SD slot and so many.

5. Choose a stylish one:

If are hanging on fashion and style with the trends of the new generation. There are also many kinds of smartphone coming from many companies. You can select them that match with your fashion and passion as well.

So, the article concerning of “How to Choose a best mobile” has been described some important tips that are very useful to buy a Smartphone. Hopefully, you might be able to find the right cell phone for you and start to enjoy!


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Samsung Mobile Phone Guide – Where and How to buy Galaxy Series at a Low Price

Samsung has been a leading brand since time immemorial. In the smartphone industry, it is the giant of all surpassing even the Apple Company back in 2013. To understand the number of Samsung mobile phones in Kenya, you will need to take a look at a list at Kilimall’s website. Kilimall deals with all sorts of Samsung models from the high-end to low-end smartphones to meet the high smartphone demand in Kenya.

The Galaxy series from this company has been the leading Android device for the past 8 years now. It is after this brand that we saw the entrance of Samsung Omnia series, a phone that runs on Windows Phone 7 as its operating system. Samsung mobile phones in Kenya, have been accepted by both old and young, they are regarded as the best performing cell phones in the smartphone industry. However, due to the number of Samsung models entering to Kenya, information about them is essential to every person out there hoping to own one or upgrade to a better version.

Samsung mobile phone

There is nothing confusing than deciding on which Samsung phone to buy, it requires thorough research or word-of-mouth advice. Many Kenyans usually use google to find reviews on the web and at times makes use of the YouTube videos. Latest Samsung, mobile phones in Kenya, are characterized by top-notch applications with great data storage for your every file.

You will notice that Samsung cell phones work under two platforms namely Android and Windows OS. For the past few years, this brand has released many different models and series which varies in specifications. Today I want to talk about the two latest series called the Galaxy and Omnia series which have taken over the market by storm.

Galaxy Series

Samsung series going by the name Galaxy, have populated the market with some models of late. In the last 2 years, we have seen the release of Galaxy S4 although the previous S3 has remained the top selling device till now. One beneficial thing about Android phones is that they can be updated from time to time to modern operating systems. Below is a list of Galaxy phones in the market today:

Samsung Galaxy S

Galaxy S3

Samsung mobile phones in Kenya are in large numbers, but they are differentiated by what they offer in general. Talk of Galaxy S phone, it was the first phone to be released under the Galax category. Within a very short period, this mobile phone had topped regarding high-end specifications. It had the best memory, and its 4 inches screen was breathtaking!

Samsung Galaxy S2

At this point, Samsung had thought of increasing the number of features and additional specification to this new device. Samsung S2 in Kenya did well regarding sales due to it S Voice capability and the eye tracking feature. This smartphone is slim, and the display is at its level.

Samsung S4

Samsung S4

For technical specifications, this Samsung mobile phone gives you the best among all other brands. The design will make you fall in love with it from the first sight. Some of the notable advantages about it is the Design, functionality, and the specifications. It looks lighter than an S3 but with more features for good user-friendly specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Note

This Samsung cell phone is more of a tablet phone. The interface and the display are so large to give you the best experience you can never imagine. The screen measures 5.3 inches packed up with a stylus making it come in between a Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Tab tablet. This size is for multitasking not for a single-minded guy who does very little with his gadget. This is the basis why we have a “Phablet”, it all means that Samsung mobile phones in Kenya can be used as a multi-purpose device. Galaxy Note series are available in all colors that match your lifestyle.

Samsung Note 2

Now this is an upgraded device from the previous Galaxy Note. It measures a whopping 5.5 inches with a more advanced hardware. Talk of 2GB which can be upgraded to 128GB and have all you stuff stored safely. The reviews are available online about it looks good for any person looking forward to owning one here in Kenya.

Omnia Series

Away from the Galaxy series that hit the market until now. The Omnia series uses the Windows platform with either 6.5 or 7 as their operating system. It started with 6.5 and now upgraded to 7 and still have a chance of upgrading once more. Omnia smartphones are less known in Kenya. However, the brand did not penetrate well in the market after its release. Omnia mobile phones have excellent designs despite their low popularity in the smartphone industry in Kenya. Here are two types of the Omnia Samsung phones:

  1. Omnia 2

This is one of the oldest smartphone known in Kenya. It was released in the year 2009 and runs on Windows 6.5 OS. Looking at 2013 standards, this phone has very less negative reviews, and a lot of people were lucky to own after its release. Kenya has been in the frontline regarding marketing and selling Samsung mobile phones to all people from all walks of life. One drawback about this phone is the low battery making it less competitive in the market.

  1. Omnia 7

With a difference of less than a year after the release, Omnia 7 was well received by the rest of the world. This type of a Samsung smartphone operates on a Windows 7 and the operating systems resemble the Galaxy S. among the Samsung mobile phones in Kenya, this is the only smartphone that has a well-built design to hold with good edges.

Which is the best Samsung Mobile phone?

From the list above, Samsung lovers can be able to select the best cell phone that suits them. One has to evaluate himself on what will work well for you regarding entertainment and business wise too. You don’t have to buy a high-end Samsung mobile to have everything; this brand has everything on a friendly budget. You will find that everything is different from one user to another based on the operating system, storage, size, and weight. If you want to buy a Samsung mobile phone for gaming, then you will need to consider going for Windows 7 and above because of the high operating system. But to more reserved people like us, can only use a phone for call and surfing, that’s when Samsung smartphone will serve us better.

  • How to buy from Kilimall

Buy phones in Kilimall

By now you have every information at your fingertips about the Samsung model you want to buy, in just a few seconds, type the name of the phone in the search button. In a blink of an eye, Samsung mobile phones will pop in, and you can select the model of your choice. You have the freedom to compare prices from different shops before clicking “BUY NOW”. This will give an overview of the kind of mobile phone you are looking that best suits your budget. It is advisable to read the terms and regulations before buying.

After you are assured of the type of the model, you can continue to buy and pay online. This is one important thing that gives you security for your money. You will find many Samsung mobile phones in Kenyan website, but you will choose the best in terms of price and confidentiality. Also, remember to read customers reviews at the bottom of your preferred mobile phone.


In Kenya, Samsung phones have proved beyond reasonable doubt that they are just at their level. A level that other brand cannot reach, Apple tried but failed massively after few years. You will enjoy their advancement, intuitive, stylish and they allow their users to learn the phone basic within no time after activation. When you want a top-end mobile phone, consider Samsung since it’s the king when it comes to smartphone popularity. They have the best graphics, ample storage, large displays, excellent responsiveness, lag-free operations, and high responsiveness. When you go Samsung, you will never again look back for any other brand. It is addictive with high-end features that you cannot stand losing.

Samsung cell phone in Kenya can be bought exclusively at Kilimall. Here you will find real bargains with high variety list to choose from all under one roof. You will be guaranteed of quality and value for your hard-earned money all day long. Shopping is 24/7 throughout the year meaning that you can shop from the comfort of your home. Samsung has gained the trust of the people, and there is no good reason to doubt such a brand that has been in existence for many decades and still protecting its reputation. Additional to this, you are covered for one year in case your phone develops an internal problem with functionality. You have your mobile phone returned and repaired as you wait.

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HTC Rhyme

Now here’s a smartphone that’s totally different from the rest, it is plum in color! HTC Rhyme is definitely not trying to win over the male population, but it’s certainly got what’s needed to win over the women folk. Let’s see if the HTC Rhyme has got the specs that the ladies are looking for.


HTC didn’t stop at just painting the phone plum, the whole package is plum in color like the ear phones, the package in which it comes and the lighted indicator charm. The HTC Rhyme measures in at 4.69 x 2.39 x 0.43 inches and with these numbers it is pretty small and fits perfectly even in smaller hands. The ladies will be glad to find that this phone comes with a front facing VGA camera as they can now check their make up whenever they want especially before that special date. This camera is located right above the 3.7 inch WVGA TFT screen that is also touch-sensitive. Right below the screen sit the four capacitive buttons that are customary on HTC phones. On the left side of the phone is the volume rocker that seems to be flush with the chassis making it a little hard to press without looking at it first. Meanwhile on the top is the power/lock button but there are no issues with this button as it is large and you won’t miss it. HTC Rhyme comes together with a set of ear phones right out of the box and what’s even more impressive is that HTC throws in a desktop charging dock with the phone too. When you plug in the lighted charm into the headset jack, it lights up whenever you get a new message or a call which is cool as you won’t be disturbing anyone around you. It is just there for eye candy since there are other ways of being discrete like the silent mode for instance.



A Qualcomm MSM8655 1GHz CPU is what powers the HTC Rhyme. Thanks to this CPU, the HTC Sense UI on the phone feels very responsive as it provides enough speed to keep the phone running without any problems. There is also a 768MB of RAM to add on to the speed of this phone. The HTC Rhyme also did quite good on our benchmark app as it produced a score of about 1500, just a little shy off the HTC ThunderBolt’s score of 1700.

The HTC Rhyme runs the HTC Sense 3.5 UI on the Android v2.3.4 Gingerbread and it’s as awesome as ever and we think the ladies are going to love it. It even has new stuff too which means more in the way of customization. Apart from the 6 different lock-screen styles you can choose from – each displaying updates on something like your Friend Stream or Weather – it gives you the option of having four icons on the lock screen that allows you to access the app that you want quickly. There are a whole load of widgets for you to play around with and we like the Endomondo which is new. What it does is it lets you choose different work-out modes and then lets you compete with your friends on Facebook too. Friend Stream is still around which means you get all your social networking updates in one place. Not only that, you can update your status or Tweet about your new shoes from the app itself. Even then, we still used the Facebook app as it has more features like allowing you to chat with your friends. HTC Sense has made looking for your contacts on the phone much better too with the HTC Rhyme. Click the People icon in the app drawer and you will see all your contacts listed out in alphabetical order with their photos on the left side too. What’s more it brings up four icons when you click on a contact which gives you the options of checking their details, threads, updates and gallery. The virtual keyboard on the HTC Rhyme is great and everything but of course the 3.7 inch display makes it a little cramped and you might not enjoy messaging as much.

There’s not much to talk about the screen on the HTC Rhyme. It’s a basic 3.7 inch TFT with WVGA resolution. It is rather small given the phones we see these days plus it’s difficult to see things on the screen under sunlight. However it still does give sharp text and images as well.


The 5MP camera has got an update on its app and there are new features that are to be loved. For instance, we get to choose from nine different scene modes plus there are 14 different visual effects, even face detection as well as a lot of freedom to meddle with things like exposure and contrast. Thanks to its responsiveness, you can actually count on the on screen shutter button to snap your pictures instantly. Moving on to picture quality, pictures taken in brighter settings looked good as they had some good details and the color reproduction was great. Pictures taken indoors still were a little grainy even with the LED flash present. Although videos can be taken at 1280 x 720p resolution, at a rate of 15fps, there’s not much to like with the results.

Sticking to the trusted WebKit browser that has produced excellent results in the past, the HTC Rhyme excels in the web browsing department as it not only supports Flash, it loads complex pages with ease. Navigational and browsing tools like pinch to zoom and scrolling can be done with minimum hassle. It uses Verizon’s 3G EVDO Rev A data network and that definitely provides some pretty awesome speeds.

Moving on to the most important thing on a phone for any woman, the call quality, as this has to be good so they can talk to their friends all day. We are glad that it isn’t bad as we are told that our voice is clear on the other end while we experienced the same good quality. However there is some background ‘hiss’ but that can be minimized if you keep the volume at medium level. The 1600mAh battery was able to last us almost the whole day with average use like making a few phone calls, checking our Facebook notifications and checking our email now and then.

Pros and Cons


Latest HTC Sense UI on the HTC Rhyme means extra goodness. It also has a compact design, perfect for the ladies. Camera performed well and the phone comes with a lot of goodies like ear phones for instance.

Color might not be to everyone’s liking and we can’t get over the weird part where the battery can’t be removed on our own.


HTC Rhyme’s plum color might not be everyone’s first choice, but get over that and you have in your hands a really good phone.

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